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Summer Soirée

Elevated Your Play-Wear Today

Everyday is a summer soirée!  Elevate your play-wear with style, comfort and ease. Ask nothing less of our favorite everyday clothes. Flexible enough to go from running errands to meeting friends for dinner, it’s versatile, it’s casual – it has style! You will radiate your playful side with these collections from XCVI and Inizio.  

From Italy
Inizio Summer

Inizio Italy summer 2022 collection elevates play-wear with contemporary linens, breezy knits and stunning colors. Defined by quality, these chic pieces for your summer wardrobe will take you anywhere you need to go in comfort and style!

Love Yourself

Love Your Style

The XCVI Spring Collection
Los Angeles

XCVI offers easy luxury and comfort. In this collection you will seamlessly transition from day to day to vacy. Bold colors, artisan styles and effortless silhouettes distinguish the XCVI version of play-wear. 

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