Tee-zing into


With Michael Stars
Let Us TEES you!

It’s time to celebrate!! Launching our third decade with Michael Stars! Strong foundations are everything, whether you are building an outfit, a company or a relationship. At Just Perfect Collection we are proud that one of our longest standing designer relationships is with Michael Stars.  We ask what could be more cool, more classic, more easy then a Michael Stars tee?

We think you’d agree, modern fashion finds its roots in the graphic tee. Michael Cohen and his wife Suzanne Lerner could tell you a few things about the power of a tee shirt. They are the founders of one of JPC’s favorite labels, Michael Stars. Suzanne says, 

“When I co-founded the brand with my husband, Michael, in 1986, I never knew how it would evolve into something so purpose-driven, or how much impact we would have as a result. Michael Stars began with that iconic one-sized tee and now focuses on so much more.

As we celebrate 30 years in business, we celebrate many long standing personal connections. Just Perfect employee Julia Hays, Advisor of Website Development started off as a Michael Stars rep, moving from their family to ours five years ago. Stacey Dube, Michael Stars’ Sales Director, who many of you know from her in-store visits over the years, has worked here with JPC founder Jackie for over twenty years. How time flies! 

Feeling good about where you work and what you wear is top priority here - no pun intended! Even with pieces as basic as a tee, you want to know that the clothes you choose to purchase are equal parts made well, made environmentally, and made ethically. Michael Stars cares about the whole picture - and so do we! Speaking of tops and tees, fresh, 100% cotton collections have just arrived from Michael Stars and a few others. We are sure they will fast become your summer faves. Let us tease you with the possibilities.

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